June is...

As I have posted here before...

Gas is a bazillion bucks a litre, what better time to be proactive and reduce the smog in your local area, reduce traffic congestion, clear your head before you get to work and save a few bucks on gas while you are at it.

Live in Kamloops?

Next week (June 16-22) is Bike to Work Week . It is a great chance to give commuting by bike a try. Those of you up on the hill. The ride to downtown will take you about 10 or 15 minutes of pure unadulterated glee and chocolateyness...and then you can park your bike onto a city bus and take the easy way back home. If you are on the north shore, Brock, Westsyde, Valleyview the ride is flat and you can take the Rivers Trail for most of the way. The weather will be beautiful next week (I have a special request in with Thor)...see you out there!

In other news...

It was determined that I was the prime candidate to drive our Sr Girls Soccer team to the Provincial championship tournament a couple weeks ago. I said...ok.

Spending the better part of a week in Whistler with my bike is hardly a tough sell.

Twas a grand time!

Keep the rubber side down!

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