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Anonymous said...

I can only assume you've watched the many videos on Youtube with William P. Young in them as he partly explains himself and the book...because it sure sounds like Mr. Driscoll has not!

Seriously...are we willing to attack someone based on our own presuppositions just to protect our own views, agendas and convictions. On this one, Driscoll has once again shot himself in the foot...


Vertigo said...

Couple thoughts here.

My reaction to the book was based on what Young wrote in his book. Presumably, Young would not have written things that he disagrees with, so my critique is based on the book, not on YouTube.

That being said, I did check out some videos...and Young drops the ball there too.

In his interview with the 700 club, about 2/3 of the way through he says that we are not called to become like Christ...this specifcally contradicts the teaching of the Bible. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=MYvjRiun3MA See Romans 8:28.

I am not attacking anyone based on presuppositions. I am criticizing a book based on sound doctrine. I am not sure how Driscoll has shot himself in the foot.

More later...