Lets have some fun, shall we?

"I believe in time,
matter, and energy,
which make up the whole of the world.

I believe in reason, evidence and the human mind,
the only tools we have;
they are the product of natural forces
in a majestic but impersonal universe,
grander and richer than we can imagine,
a source of endless opportunities for discovery.

I believe in the power of doubt;
I do not seek out reassurances,
but embrace the question,
and strive to challenge my own beliefs.

I accept human mortality.

We have but one life,
brief and full of struggle,
leavened with love and community,
learning and exploration,
beauty and the creation of
new life, new art, and new ideas.

I rejoice in this life that I have,
and in the grandeur of a world that preceded me,
and an earth that will abide without me."

- An Atheist's Creed, by PZ Myers


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Anonymous said...

I briefly attempted a re-write, but found that there isn't even enough in Myer's "manifesto" to bother with. I believe in many of the things he does, too, but like he says, that's all he's got. What an impoverished life if all there is is the human mind, even if it's equipped with reason.

What are time, matter, and energy next to faith, hope and love?

How about challenging your beliefs with the assurance that truth exists? Doubt and questions don't make good companions in the dark.

Why is it so hard to accept human immortality? We have but one life...


Anonymous said...

I misplaced an apostrophe - I'm sorry for polluting your blog comments in such an egregious manner. Please feel free to put it in its' proper place if it bothers you.


Anonymous said...

Maybe misplaced apostrophes don't bother you like they bother me, considering you omitted one completely :-)

Vertigo said...

Misplaced philosophies are more troubling to me than misplaced apostrophes...